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3 Comments on “WE’VE MOVED!”

  1. Dawn Lennon Says:

    Wow, Jacqui, this new location is gorgeous and powerful! (Love the sailboat image…wonder where influence came from :-)!) Congrats on putting together a stunning site!

    Just a note: after I moved through each tab, I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the blog page. What did I miss? Ugh…I can embarrass myself.

    So I’ve updated by own blogroll so that Career Trends is good to go from there! Well done!

  2. careertrend Says:

    Thanks so much, Dawn! Really appreciating your positive feedback on the ‘new site!’ Carl Chapman (@CarlChapmanSr on Twitter) developed/designed it!

    And ah yes, the sailing influence … ; )

    Thanks for your question re: the blog tab. Based on your comment, we made an adjustment to the primary buttons running across the top of the site. If you click here, http://careertrend.net, you should see the “Our Blog” button more prominently now! (We also have it in the Navigation bar a bit further down the page.)

    Thank you for updating your blogroll with my new blog site!

    And always, love when you stop by!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Dawn Lennon Says:

    So great to hear back so fast, Jacqui. That Our Blog tab was just what the doctor ordered for me!

    I look forward to following so much on your new site and I know it will help you continue to reach more people with your wise advice and professional services.

    I hope you’re getting the same major dose of sunshine and warmth we are!

    Stay well,

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