Is your resume anemic?

Does the following describe your resume’s plight?

1. Anemic, weakened by lack of attention as it sits idly in your virtual computer drawer, untended and under-fed as your career purrs along.

2. Or perhaps, it was resuscitated by artificial means as a result of the panic you felt when you were suddenly laid off.

3. A heart stint strategically placed here to unplug a clogged resume artery, a pin there to bridge disconnected resume bones.

4. You gave it a quick facelift and a boost of botox to endear it to the modern masses.

5. As a result, your resume is an unwholesome reflection of its once healthy self.

Your resume is your career heartbeat. Feed it regularly, reevaluate and revisit your career health-care plan and reinvigorate your resume with fresh-from-the-vine, vitamin-enriched word stories to achieve a more robust career outlook and competitive edge.

Isn’t your career lifeblood worth the nurturing to boost your vitality in the career racetrack within which it will be expected to outperform other vital, story-enriched career positioning documents?

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4 Comments on “Is your resume anemic?”

  1. Brilliant, Jacqui! ValueIntoWords fits you very well! Love the visualization strategies! career lifeblood, etc.

  2. careertrend Says:

    “Visualization strategies” – what a great compliment.

    Thanks Julie! Your support is always appreciated!


  3. Marianna Says:

    The heart is the strongest organ in the body and the electromagnetic energy can be measured outside of the body.

    It is rather fitting that you used the term “career heartbeat”.

  4. careertrend Says:

    Thanks, Marianna!

    What a great value-add and interesting comment about the heart’s electromagnetic energy. I didn’t realize it could be measured outside of the body.

    Always appreciate your insights!


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