There’s a Hole in Your Story, Sir

So on       morning, I got up around        , and decided it was time I finally took care of that        which had been bugging my wife and I for quite some. I fixed myself a couple of         with some        on the side, then headed out the           to pick up the items necessary to complete the         at hand.

Soon enough I found myself speaking with a knowledgeable            at the         store and he was able to give me some much needed            . I got the           back home and right away figured out the       was missing. So back to the         I went. I hate making more than     trip when I set out to accomplish something, especially something as important as getting the         fixed so we can finally start using the        .  I was able to locate the        that had helped me earlier and expressed my dissatisfaction with him by          in the          . Well that certainly got his attention, and  he was much more           this time . He wanted to be absolutely sure I got the         and wouldn’t come back to         him in the          again.

Long story         , I finally got everything set up right and wife and I can again           . What a           .

You may have noticed that a few words, a few key words were missing from the story above. If you went back and read it several times just to make sure you weren’t missing anything, you weren’t. Many of the words left out, most people could fill in themselves and come to the correct conclusion. Some of the missing words could only be filled in by the author for the story to make any sense.

How often people will turn in a resume that makes about as much sense to a hiring manager as the story above makes to you. Just one missing piece of information could very well send your resume to the land of no return; no matter how qualified you may be for the position.

Hiring a professional resume writer will help you fill in the blanks, making sure the reader is getting a clear and concise message of who you are and why you are the best candidate for the open post.

You’ve worked too hard for the awards and promotions you’ve earned to allow one missing word here or there to completely dive bomb your chances for success.


Written by Robert P. Poindexter:  Blogger, Sales Executive and Sailor

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12 Comments on “There’s a Hole in Your Story, Sir”

  1. Rob, you are GOOD! I DM’d Jacqui earlier to tell her something was wrong with the blog because it was garbled… I never bothered to read the rest of the blog to see it was INTENTIONAL!! LMBO!!

    Love the comparison. Very clever. I am a perfect example of what a HR person might do to a resume that isn’t written properly–ignore the rest of it! The unfortunate part for the job seeker is that underneath the errors or missing information lay the heart of the content.

    Very good. 🙂 🙂

    your biggest fan– next to your wife, of course 😉 ).

  2. LOL. I agree with Erin. As I read through the first paragraph of your blog post I imagined how I would email Jacqui to tell her that something seemed wrong with her post.

    As I scanned through the rest of the document, it dawned on me that it was intentional. I was doing exactly what an HR person might do – scan through resumes looking for that which they seek and skipping to the part that grabs their attention.

    I love that you wrote “Hiring a professional resume writer will help you fill in the blanks” and “You’ve worked too hard for the awards and promotions you’ve earned to allow one missing word here or there…” Both points are so true, and excellent points.

    Rob, you did a great job of not only writing about the subject, but demonstrating the value of words (through their absence).

    Bravo. 🙂


  3. Robert Says:

    Thanks so much , Erin. The blog had exactly the effect I was hoping for. Thanks for being brave enough to admit that it “gotcha”.

  4. Robert Says:

    Thanks so much Maureen for taking the time to comment,I’m glad I was able to “get you” , and thanks for fessing up that I did.

  5. Wow, a fancy new branding has occurred here! This is a very creative post.

    Without your expertise = we would have an abundance of “swiss cheese” resumes +.

    Jacqui to the rescue 🙂

  6. careertrend Says:

    Thanks M!
    Can always count on you for your unique ‘take’ – glad you liked hubby’s creative post. He’s certainly the ‘performing artist’ of our duo.

    My job: eradicate those ‘swiss-cheese’ resumes!;)

  7. Karen Siwak Says:

    Nice post Rob!
    I too did a double-take on reading, until I realized what was going on. If only it were so easy to recognize the holes in your resume. Too often jobseekers are so close to their own career stories that they can’t “see the holes for the cheese.” This is were a professional writer can help.

  8. Rob, we haven’t “met” yet. Jacqui’s tweet made me ready for anything and your title was suggestive, however, like Erin, I got sucked in for a bit and went, hmmmm… and then the light bulb went all the way on.

    Great post, great reminder, and yes, missing keywords lead your resume to that great disappearing hole where unwanted resumes land.

  9. Dawn Lennon Says:

    What a joy to read something really clever that drives home a tuly eye-ball popping point! Fascinating isn’t it, that the power of a word lies as much in its absence as in its use. This is compelling advice that reinforces the point that there are experts in the world to provide expertise. Use them! Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Robert Says:

    You are spot on. Thanks for the comment Dawn.

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